Saturday, October 03, 2009

Three Weeks

There is a point in wedding planning where you just want it to be done. You had your fun, and now you want the wedding to be here, today, because you don't want to plan anymore, you just want to get married.

I am at that point, but there is still alot to do. Confirming things with the chef friend, putting in the rental order, picking up the dress that should have been done last week (wtf!) figuring out the ceremony order and printing programs, choosing music. And then there is packing and moving my stuff and figuring out what to wear after the reception and what to pack for the honeymoon. Most importantly though, there is trying to work on being mentally and emotionally and spiritually ready to be a wife.

I think I'm ready. Things may not be done, but I am ready to walk down that aisle. I'm ready for his house to be our house. I'm ready to be Mrs. Anderson.

Now if I can just get everything else ready in the next three weeks, I will be good to go.

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