Monday, June 01, 2009

Prayer for Pentecost

I was going to post my prayer from Pentecost service last night, but it seems all the more applicable after reading about the murder of Dr. George Tiller at his church yesterday.

Dr. Tiller ran an abortion clinic, where he specialized in late-term abortions. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am passionately pro-life. I believe abortion is wrong, that it is the taking of an innocent life, and that it can only be considered in cases where carrying the baby to term will kill both mother and child. I will not vote for a pro-choice candidate. I would love to volunteer or work for a crisis pregnancy center sometime in the future, and I would love to see the church provide more love and care for unwed mothers who feel trapped without any other option.

However, I am sickened to read this story of a man murdered as he performed his duties as an usher at his church on Sunday. Perhaps the murderer thought he was saving lives, perhaps he thought he was enacting justice. But the way I read it, vengeance is the Lord's, and we cannot judge a man's heart. George Tiller will stand before Jesus in judgement for all his sins-just as you and I will-and the Lord will be the one who determines his guilt.

Sadly, by taking matters into his own hands, the murderer not only makes himself no better than this doctor (perhaps worse) but ruins the witness of pro-life advocates everywhere. Leading pro-life advocates are speaking out against the crime, but the damage is done.

I am anti-abortion, but I am also anti-murder. I am pro-life, not just for innocent babies, but for broken, fallen, guilty men and women like you and me, who need Jesus, not a bullet. And so I pray, today, as I did yesterday:

Your faithfulness is beyond measure
Your mercies
new every morning
Your lovingkindness
knows no bounds

Give us Your faithfulness,
Your mercy
Your love

That we could be Your Body
in a broken world.

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