Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There are times when it is good to be a Martha...

...and one of those times would be the summer you decide to plan a wedding in four months. Well, not that others haven't planned a wedding in less than four months, certainly, but then I also leave for Europe in a week, and so will lose a good three weeks of planning time. I return from vacation exactly three months before my wedding date, and in the world of modern wedding planning, that is not considered a lot of time.

But, that is okay, because planning and problem-solving is my forte. I'm a get-er-done kinda gal, and while other girls might just be coming out of their post-proposal fog and wondering what to do next, I'm already deep in the thick of the wedding to-do list. Now, this in no way means that I am not enjoying the bliss of engagement. Believe me, I am still on cloud nine, and every now and then I look down at the gorgeous ring on my finger and I say to God, "REALLY?!?" I still get comments on my glow, and my cheeks are regularly sore from smiling so much. Actually, I think it is my overwhelming happiness and joy that is spurring the frenzy of activity-I'm just so darned excited to marry this man, and I want to get on with it!

So, we have set a date in October and booked the church and the reception location. I have all 6 bridesmaids signed up and ready to go and looking at dress options. Colors are chosen, guest list is started, meeting with potential photographer is Saturday. We've talked about food and flowers and we've definitely decided that we have to have cheesecake for our wedding cake. So while wedding planning is typically stressful, especially when done in a short period of time, I am feeling pretty good about it.

But ask me at the beginning of October, and I might look more like the frazzled Martha that Jesus had to calm down! Fortunately Jer is good at that. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Rest assured that you have a very experienced bridesmaid on your crew! My references are outstanding, and my record is currently 7/7 successful weddings. You shall be married, on-schedule, if I have anything to do with it!