Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This may not be the most coherent post, as I am currently on narcotic painkillers. Why, you ask? Well, because I have mono. Yes, that mono. No, it's not because of the kissing-my boyfriend doesn't have it, and since he's the only guy I have ever kissed in my life, I think I must have gotten it some other way. No idea how, or where, or when (mono can take 1-2 months to show up after you have been exposed). But instead of a fully enjoyable weekend of visiting friends and family functions, I spent Memorial Day at the ER with a 103 fever and a throat so swollen I could barely swallow. But two liters of IV fluid and a whole lot of drugs made me feel much better.

But now I am stuck at home on bedrest for the week. No work, no heavy lifting-pretty much no physical exercise at all, because mono can cause your spleen to enlarge (along with all the other glands in your body) and then if you overexert yourself you can rupture said spleen, and that is BAD. Mono can take weeks to recover from, and you have to get lots of rest at the beginning or it will drag on forever. So here I am in my room, trying to a) not infect anyone else and b) not go insane.

I am a doer. Always have been. I admit that this tendency leads to overworking myself, and when that happens, I do tend to come down with colds and flus and infections. So I shouldn't be surprised that my body has rebelled and given me the worst of all possible viruses in order to get me to stop overbooking my life. This seems an extreme remedy to me though. Wouldn't a simple head cold or a case of strep have been enough?

Probably not. I have too much going on: finishing up c group, planning for the life together retreat, leading worship, family coming into town, and trying to find time to spend with my boyfriend and other friends. Oh, and time to spend with God. That would be good too.

So, I guess this week is a good reminder to slow down, prioritize, stop overcommitting, and get good rest. Now if I can just get better before June, because I have a ton of things to do then...

I know, I know. I'll take it easy.

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Teresa said...

Mono sucks! One of my daughters had it twice-age 6 and again as teen. Follow directions, it's worth it:) Hope you are very well soon!