Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am a big fan of fall. The heat goes away, the sweaters some out, hot coffee and tea are abundant. I understand the general aversion to rain, but I actually don't mind it. According to blog Seattlest, that means that I am truly a Seattleite (the fact that I was born here helps too). And I do promote and live the myth that true natives do not own an umbrella.

Yesterday I took advantage of a slow day at work to enjoy my penchant for fall. I walked from my office to Pike Place Market, which is just about five blocks, quite handy, and tooled about the stands, picking up some baby bok choy for dinner. I was wearing my new H&M beret and was consequently given a sample of a French pear from a vendor, who said that I obviously needed French pear wearing such a hat. I continued the theme as I walked around, buying flowers and stopping by Le Panier for a Pain et Chocolat and a cappuccino. I did feel rather chic.

The weather was just right for the excursion: not too warm, but not cold either, with slight sprinkling of rain. No coat needed, just a hat and sweater and a warm cup of espresso and foam. Perfect afternoon.

I know in a few months I will start to dislike the cold and wet as I get drenched on my way to and from the bus stop. But for now, I love the rain, the fresh produce, and my hat. Yay for fall.

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