Monday, September 29, 2008

Visitation Rights

October is the month of visitations.

Every single weekend in October involves a visit with a long-distance friend. This upcoming weekend my very very best friend Tenae is coming into town for her brother's wedding and while I will have to share her with family, we will still be able to spend some time together, including some lindy hop fun. Tenae and I have been friends for almost nineteen years, and we still never get tired of each other, as evidenced by our cell phone bills and the amount of money I have spent on plane tickets. Three hour phone conversation: $12. Plane ticket to Hawaii: $350. Time spent with best friend in whole wide world: Priceless.

The following weekend is the Lauren Winner conference, and while Lauren and I aren't personal friends yet, I am sure that by the end of the weekend we will be bosom buddies. I have already read her memoir more than once, so we have a good start. Also, the fabulous Linda will be returning from her Alaskan adventures that weekend. Fortunately for us, she will be staying in town longer than a day before gallivanting off to her next excitements of Kenya, Switzerland, and San Francisco. Can't keep that girl down!

Then-wait for it-on the 17th Matt Schaar arrives. When Matt left Quest and Seattle for B school long ago he promised to visit soon but with all his trips to South Africa and Jamaica and wherever else he has been, he has not deigned to grace us with his presence until now. Matt and I became good friends on a day trip to Leavenworth for some Oktoberfest action a couple of years ago, and he's been keeping life crazy fun ever since. He is also known for giving me my nickname of "Reebok". No one knows why he called me that, since I don't wear hightops anymore and I am not an athlete, but Reebok I have become.

And finally, on the last weekend of October, I myself will be traveling to visit my college roommate Hilary. Hilary also traveled about the world after school, going to Scotland for one master's and Philadelphia for another. She also picked up a fabulous husband in Philly. Now they have moved to Bloomington, Indiana so said husband Jon can pursue his doctorate in astronomy. They're big on higher education, these two. They talk about Karl Barth over pancakes at IHOP.

While I have a wonderful group of friends in Seattle, and can't ever see myself leaving this city for permanent residence elsewhere, I do miss my long distance friends and sometimes find myself jealous of their jetsetting ways. I have also always preferred in person conversation to phone or email, and the fact that I haven't seen Hilary in over two years is just a travesty. So I am understandably excited for this month of October. I'm glad that the September insanity will give way to the October fun. I just hope I have the energy after this month to keep up with my fabulous friends!

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