Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Countdown: 66:01:59:24

I love iGoogle, with the customizable home page and gadgets. Current favorite gadget is, of course, the countdown, which is ticking off the time until 2pm October 24th-when I will be walking down the aisle.

66 days. It seems like forever and it seems like tomorrow. I want to be married NOW, but I also have a lot to do to make the wedding happen!

People keep telling me I have a lot done, but I still feel that there is a ton to do. But as I mentioned before, I don't like having a list hanging over my head, so until everything is done, I won't feel completely at ease. Still, I have made a lot of progress:

Checked off list:
  • dress purchased
  • location for ceremony and reception reserved
  • tuxes chosen
  • bridesmaid dresses chosen and ordered
  • pastor confirmed
  • photographer chosen
  • chef friend agreed to do food
  • engagement party planned
  • rehearsal dinner planned
  • invitations ordered
  • stores chosen for registry

Still needs work:
  • guest list almost done-missing some addresses
  • dress alterations (want to lose some weight first!)
  • actually registering-going shopping this weekend!
  • decide on menu for reception
  • recruited friends to help with decorating, but no details decided on
  • fabulous processional music being composed by wonderful family friend
  • still short a groomsman!

Completely not done and a source of possible stress:
  • invitations not mailed-and need to be mailed by Aug 24th, a mere four days after they arrive at my door (if UPS is on time)
  • florist not chosen (although I know what colors and types of flowers I want)
  • cake (still waiting to hear if a friend can help with it)
  • premarital counseling
  • Jer's ring (we've gone and looked once, but have made no decisions)
  • reception music (to DJ or not to DJ, that is the question)
  • wedding program (both the flow of service and the actual paper thing to be handed out)
  • honeymoon

And of course, there are all the things that I have probably not even thought of and need to have on the list. Oof. But hey, it will all be worth it. The important things are done-we have a place, a pastor, and each other. No matter what happens, in 66 days I will be getting married, whether there are flowers or not!

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