Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nostalgica is Italian for Homesick

We didn't even realize that we were in Italy. The train took us over the border and while we were trying to interpret the anouncement, it came into Ventimiglia, and the signs were all in Italian. We spent the rest of the train trip laughing at the useful words in the Rick Steves' Italian phrasebook (really, I am sure we will need to say "you are disgusting" and "I will remember you until Tuesday" while we are here) and then got only semi-lost (as is our habit) trying to find our B&B. So here we are, safely in Genoa, on the Italian (and final) leg of our trip.

It's kind of surreal to actually be in Italy. I don't know how long I have wanted to come here-it's just always been one of those big "I have to do this" sort of things. And now I am here, and it is beautiful, and I wish I wasn't missing my fiance so terribly. I love being here, but I love him more, and wish I could have both!

I've always been a homebody-not in terms of staying in all the time but staying in my hometown. As much as I love to travel and se new places, a week away is usually more than enough for me. I hit the super homesick point last week around Wednesday. I woke up feeling tired and melancholy after two days of wedding festivities in Argeles sur Mer (where we went for the wedding of Melissa's friend) and then at the internet cafe I found that Jer had sent me videos from home: of my family telling me how much they miss me and to wear sunscreen (thanks Mom) and of him, telling me how much he loves me. I missed him so much I cried.

I know I am supposed to completely enjoy my time here, but no matter how wonderful the trip, it doesn't take away the emptiness of not being home in Seattle, of not being with my family, of not being with Jer.

Still, I will persevere and continue to traipse about and enjoy the sights I have been looking forward to for years. I'm excited for tomorrow: Cinque Terre hiking begins, and continues until Monday, when we go to Florence. I'll be celebrating m birthday there in the heat and the beauty. And then Friday I come home, and reclaim my spot in Jer's arms. So altogether it will be an amazing week.

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kate said...

start the C.T. hike in the early morning if you can - less crowded. and, as i'm sure you've realized already, gelato is a fantastic distraction from homesickness.....:)