Friday, November 24, 2006

My mind cannot understand, but my heart feels wonder in abundant satisfaction." ~Unknown

I don't remember where I got that quote from but I love it. I've got it up on my wall right now and it perfectly expressed how I was feeling this Thanksgiving. For the past week I have been reflecting on how blessed I am, how wonderful my church is and the people there. Saturday I had the privilege of taking my dad and two of the brothers to serve Thanksgiving dinner with the homeless ministry at Quest. I was standing there, looking out at the cafe, which was full of people talking and eating and experiencing community, and I thought, "this is what church is supposed to be about."

On Thursday, I got to share my family and Thanksgiving dinner with Tina, who has quickly become my best friend at Quest. Actually, she's become one of my best friends, no qualifiers necessary. It was a great time, and I realized anew how awesome my clan is. We're a zany bunch, but not many people can boast the wise, loving parents and fun, crazy brothers I have. As I was laying in bed that night, I recalled how just a few short years ago I had a vision of sitting before God with empty hands, and Him handing me an empty basket, with the promise that He would be filling that basket with blessings. Well, the basket is getting pretty full, and I am grateful. So grateful.

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