Monday, March 01, 2010

Wait, what? It's March?

There seems to be a theme running through most of my blogs on Google Reader today: "What the heck happened to February?!?"

Seriously, it's March? I thought perhaps it was just this weekend that was a blur, but I find that it was in fact the entire month. I know February is shorter than most, but those two days shouldn't make all that much of a difference.

A lot of our month was swallowed up in doctor's appointments related to Jer's tendonitis. Our wonderful schedule went kaboom and neither of us spent much time working out or having good gameplaying/reading/blogging time. As a way to help with commuting and provide Jer with a car during the day to get to appointments, I have been driving with him to Bellevue and then taking the bus over to Seattle, adding time to my commute and eliminating a lot of my evening free time. It does give us more time together in the morning, and it's the best way to handle evening car needs, but it doesn't fit with our big schedule plan at all.

So I would have to say that my goals for February went kaput. There were a couple of opportunities to hang out with friends, and we went on a couple of double dates, but my grand ideas of weekly coffee dates with girlfriends, working out five times a week, and making significant progress on cleaning my office or completing thank you cards scurried off to wherever the rest of February disappeared to.

One thing I do remember quite clearly though is Valentine's Day weekend. It was our first V day together, and whether it's a cultural excuse for materialistic excess and denigration of singlehood or not, my romantic self wanted it to be special. With our budget focus, Jer had to restrain his generous tendencies and stop himself from buying a (quite beautiful) necklace and settle for a lot of fabulous chocolate and flowers. But being as it is him, he was not content to simply give me a Russell Stover chocolate heart on Sunday morning. He ordered several kinds of chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat, a Parisian chocolate boutique, and stealthily stashed them around the house throughout the weekend. The first small box showed up on Thursday evening. Then I found chocolate in my purse. And on my pillow. In the kitchen. In my office. Each one a different flavor, including the best hot chocolate ever. And then on Sunday afternoon a big bouquet of tulips and irises showed up at the door. It was a fabulous weekend.

(I would tell you what I got Jer for Valentine's Day, but that would be TMI. Let me just say, he was a happy husband.)

So, despite the month being sucked up by doctor's appointments and the premarital class that we are taking (yes, we know, it's a little late, but there wasn't one available before the wedding!) there are some good memories. And now here is March, and we are planning a fun vacation to celebrate the anniversary of that fateful evening that we first met. I keep hoping that life might slow down one of these days, but I somewhat doubt it.

I will say though, that I have one small accomplishment for February. I have now completed two-count 'em, two!-thank you cards. Two down, a hundred to go. Hey, it's progress.

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