Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Week In

One week in on the resolutions. Part of the problem with resolutions is that we don't hold ourselves accountable to them, don't monitor our progress and recommit ourself each week. Taking time to chastise or praise ourselves is good in pursuing goals. We also don't acknowledge when a resolution is too much or too little, and so we either fail miserably because we overreach or we fail to make any meaningful change because we undercommit. Reviewing our progress helps us analyze and revamp as needed.

So, allow me to be accountable to my goals discussion from last week:

  • New Schedule/working out: We weren't perfect, but we're starting to get into the rhythm of the new schedule. We both missed a couple of workouts and didn't always get to sleep on time, but in general I feel good about the progress we made. And this week looks like it will be better.
  • Literary Hour/Thank You Cards: I did some blogging and reading, but not too much in the way of creative writing or journaling. Better adherence to the schedule would probably help this, although the main issue was that I had a couple of appointments last week that threw things off. I made no progress on thank you cards, beyond looking at them once and promptly finding something else to do.
  • Budgeting/Eat From the Pantry Challenge: We had a couple of good conversations about goals and things we want to do but still haven't figured out details. Work to do there. The eating from the pantry challenge has gone well though-I have only been to the store once for just a few dollars' worth of flour, butter, and produce. Additionally, I have made some really good bread and tried out new bran muffin recipes that make me very happy. I think this week will require going to the store for more ingredients, however, as we are quickly burning through things and getting to where we eat pasta every day, which, while cheap, is not very good for us.
  • The Living Room: Um. Nope. No progress there. Oops.
So, I guess this week I need to focus on working out, cleaning the living room, and writing thank you cards. No surprise there. All in all, though, I feel positive. The schedule is not too crazy to work, I've got over two weeks to finish my January goals, and I'm finding time to hang out with people again. So life is good.

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