Friday, January 09, 2009

Freudian Slips

I'm usually quite the grammar and spelling nazi. But even I slip up now and then. Like the time I was chatting with someone and I wrote "I can shat at work" instead of "I can chat at work". Very classy.

Today, I almost laughed out loud at work because of the following exchange. Mattsy had sent out an email with the list of players for Sunday's worship, and included in everyone's task description was listed the duty of "destruction." As in, "Rebsy- Vox and destruction" or even better, "Randall- Sound and Sonic Destruction". He ended this email by saying, "Just kidding. There will be no destruction."

I found this amusing, and thought it would be similarly amusing to make fun of his email with this response:

"Really? No destruction? You mean we won't be breaking down the barriers in our life that keep us from experiencing the fullness of the presence of God? We won't be storming the dates of hell? I thought we were spiritual warriors for God!"

I meant to say, of course, "gates of hell", one of those fabulous Christianese jargon phrases. I saw my mistake the moment after I hit send. I thought perhaps he might not notice, but Mattsy's a sharp one. His response?

"maybe you have the "dates of hell" HAHAHAHA"

Too which the only thing I could say was,

"I don't even have any dates!!!"


dritta said...

dates of hell = bad, unless we're talking about fruit.

Autosmiler said...

at least they're not dates from hell ;-)

eastofroosevelt said...

oh, lols!