Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dinner Parties

I was going to write a post about how angry I am at the current situation with Henry Paulson, but then thought better of it. It wouldn't be good writing, just ranting and raving.

Instead, I will mention my happy success with my first official dinner party last Monday. I found a recipe for chicken and dumplings that I wanted to try, and since I now have a house where I can entertain, thought I would put it to good use by inviting over a few folks from Quest and making them dinner. I bought a fabulously large pot, filled it with homemade chicken and vegetable soup, then dropped in spoonfuls of soft rosemary biscuit dough to make tender dumplings (and no refrigerator dough here, this was strictly from scratch). It turned out to be pretty delicious, and was quickly demolished by the nine people who squeezed into my kitchen. Soup was supplemented by a wonderful salad provided by friends Matt and Nicola (although apparently creation of the salad was quite a feat, as there was an incident with pomegranate juice exploding all over Matt's kitchen). We polished off a couple bottles of wine and a few pots of tea and in all, I was very pleased.

But today I read of an even better dinner party put on by superheroes JackJack and LaV here at musings of a mellocello. This meal was not merely about good food and entertainment, but also a way for them to live out their love for God and people. Challenging and inspiring.

I love the people I worship with.

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