Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let Justice Roll Down

Last night Quest had the opportunity to host Dr. John Perkins for an evening of worship and teaching. I had never heard Dr. Perkins speak, but I had heard of him, and was very excited about the evening. I was not prepared for how great it would be.


Yeah, all I can say is wow. The entire evening was amazing-some of the best worship we have had in awhile, plus a chance to hear from the Royalty gospel choir (one of my favorite things). And then to listen to Dr. Perkins for an hour or so (it seemed like less) was a great privilege.

Every now and then I read an author or hear a speaker who puts into words what God has been speaking in my heart. Last night was just such an occasion. Everything he said about discipleship, reconciliation, and how the church should be living as the body of Christ was so good, so true. I've been looking over my notes this morning and marveling at how simple yet profound his words were.

Looking at it from the perspective of the Renovare Spiritual Traditions, Dr. Perkins perfectly merges the Evangelical, Word-centered life with the Social Justice tradition. He preaches an activism that comes from discipleship, from truly seeking after the heart of God for people. This focus on discipleship is a conviction I have had for a few years now, one that led me to Quest. While no one at Quest would claim we are perfect in how we do church, one of the things I love is that we have a foundation in Biblical, exegetical teaching, that does not serve merely to increase our knowledge, but spurs us into action.

Thanks to my friend Matt, who loaned me some cash (you would think a banker would have cash on hand) I was able to purchase Dr. Perkins' book, Let Justice Roll Down, which I have been devouring this morning. I highly recommend it. After I finish this, I think I might go on to read everything else he has written.

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